Voice Lessons & Mentorship

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For the past ten years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to teach workshops and masterclasses at a variety of opera studios, universities, and music schools. I love meeting young artists from all over the world, learn about their unique gifts and talents, and try to figure out how I can contribute to their development, as intuitively and meaningfully as possible.

All students need a variety of teachers to acquire the necessary breadth and depth of understanding, as well as support them in translating that understanding into practical application and actual skill. It is my wish to provide the connection between intellect, technique, artistic intention, and that often elusive presence, or charisma. The intention is always to leave each student with an increasing experience of the Self – seen, heard, and deeply felt…. and completely available to the audience.


Voice Lessons

I offer consultations and voice lessons on an individual basis in Stockholm and online. My technical understanding is a synthesis of three distinct, but complimentary schools of thought, as taught by my father Arne Sunnegårdh, mezzo-soprano Glenys Linos in Vienna (mentee of legendary Madam Hidalgo), and David Jones in New York. All three have propagated the market with healthy, structurally sound, exciting and beautiful vocal ideals through their many successful students.

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Looking back, I wish I had had a person to partner with during key periods of my development, both artistically and career wise. Someone who was not my teacher or coach, but who could insightfully reflect on the progress I was making. Someone who did not stand to profit from any choices I made, but who could help me tailor my choices to my life as a whole. Someone with personal experience of the joy, heartache, successes and pitfalls of taking on a singing career, and who had the wisdom to learn from all of it. And most importantly, someone who had the heart, empathy, and visionary ambition to wish me only the most rewarding experience in my life as a singer. Frankly, I wish I had known then what I know now… and had someone to stand beside me as I grew.

So while I can’t go back in time to adjust every misstep in my own career, or take a beat to breathe in every success that flew by, I am certain I have the knowledge, insight, and generosity to effectively support young artists-to-be in their quest to become not just successful, but to deepen their artistic commitment and reward as well.

Mentorship is individually tailored, and may include:

  • In-depth assessment of personal and artistic goals, aspirations, resources and limitations, as well as lifestyle assets and challenges. 
  • Development of a reasonable, yet goal oriented plan of external action, while setting the course for long-term personal development and deepening of artistic values and integrity.
  • Repertoire and study timelines, incremental artistic goal setting
  • Building a Support Team – personally, professionally, and artistically
  • Developing personal integrity and inter-personal communication skills
  • Managing the non-artistic areas of an artistic lifestyle (travel, health, fiscal responsibilities)

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