New York, 8 April 2007

I love new beginnings! Spring is almost in the air here in New York, and there were actual little shoots on the bushes in the park this morning. I can’t wait for all the green, and the cherry blossoms in Central Park.
Last week I jumped in on short notice and sang my very first Turandot at the Met. It was soooo much fun!!
I just can’t get over that I get to go on stage with all the dancers and supers, chorus and other soloist and sing that great music. It is a dream come true.
Even more surreal is that my brother and his family hooked speakers up to their computer at home in Sweden and laid awake in their beds until 5AM listening to the Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast. How cool is that?
No one would have believed you if you told them that 20 years ago.
Looking back on the past year, I have to say that life is full of surprises. I firmly believe that nothing can come to you unless you can conceive of it. But, I don’t think that means you have to be able to envision it in detail necessarily. I think if you can conceive of the content of your desire, the sense or the feeling of it, then the many details of how, when, where will be gently guided by the universe to its fullest outcome. Sometimes that outcome doesn’t look all that pleasant – but it ends up being the very thing that focuses you to the things you really want and need to achieve.
I marvel at the intelligent and kind nudges that always seem to show up when I’ve gotten stuck in a particular mode of thinking. And the extraordinary ability of the people in my life to step up and say, or do, exactly what is needed at any given moment.
I cannot adequately express how much I adore my friends for all that they are. I am very lucky!