12 June 2009

Once, about six years ago, I had an epiphany while brushing my teeth. I was brushing along, worrying about how to kick start a career singing, and I was looking at myself in the mirror of my bathroom. Somewhere in my head, or in my ears, I heard a thought, or a statement, that said: Just do your part! Practice! Study!
We’ll take care of the rest!

We, who????

Anyway, it is very clear to me now, that nothing that has ever come to me in the form of either struggle or success, has done so randomly. I believe intensely that each and every part of my path has been both necessary and perfect. Though it is very easy to see where and how my failures must be due to my own personal failures of achievement, it is also painfully clear that my successes are not of me. Painfully, and also awesomely clear. It is a relief and an inspiration to know in my heart that all good things that come through me, really do so from a higher and more pure source. That the stuff that really penetrates and reaches people is of a higher quality, and a higher purpose.

I am delighted to share this speech of Elizabeth Gilbert with you. It is the closest thing to describing this feeling I’ve had over the past five years. I hope it moves and entertains you too!

Elizabeth Gilbert on Ted.com