I am deeply grateful for the body of work I have produced over the past fifteen years – both in rehearsal and in performance.

Back then, my mind’s eye was filled with imaginings of what it could, or should be. The goals I could reach. What I might become…

Now, my heart is full of the people I’ve met, the voices I’ve heard, the moments when time stood still… whether in the privacy of a rehearsal room or onstage under the gaze of our watchful partners, the audience.

As we all take a pause in our life trajectories, to care for our communities and our loved ones, it is with gratitude and humility that I look back on the privileges and freedoms of an open and thriving society. Nobody knows where we will stand, or what we will face, when we once again are able to move, socialize, and perform. But I imagine that this is a blessing in disguise… an opportunity to restructure the very foundation of our art and our business to better serve both artists and audience; as well as the art form we love.

Personally, I welcome a new chapter in my devotion to music and theatre, and to human development and interconnectedness; to a world that in its very essence is a hospitable and graceful place to live. We cannot control what life will be, but we can devote ourselves to expanding our own capacity for mercy, joy, love…

This is our one planet, and the people around us are our companions for the duration.