I am deeply grateful for the body of work I have produced over the past fifteen years – both in rehearsal and in performance.

Back then, my mind’s eye was filled with imaginings of what it could, or should be. The goals I could reach. What I might become…

Now, my heart is full of the people I’ve met, the voices I’ve heard, the moments when time stood still… whether in the privacy of a rehearsal room or onstage under the gaze of our watchful partners, the audience.

As I embark on the next phase of my life, I leave most of the cherished roles that have served my career so beautifully, and take a deep dive into two new adventures:

  1. Excavating new repertoire that could properly contain and express what both I and my voice wish to impart; as an actress, as a considered and always developing musician, and as a voice wishing to carve a slightly different path forward. Click here for a gentle taste.
  2. Giving voice to my accumulated experience and insight in the realm of self-expression and service through theater and music, by establishing training and mentorship opportunities for emerging artists. Click here for more information on Training.

I welcome a new chapter in my devotion to music and theatre, and to human development and interconnectedness. I am delighted to broaden the parameters of my own self-expression to curating not only my own performances, but also sharing the experience I have accumulated for the benefit of younger singers seeking deeper understanding and leverage.

It is optimistic. And idealistic.  

It is the next affirming step Life is calling for…