Erika Sunnegårdh

I am in love with my work

I am deeply moved by, and enamored of the moment I get to step through the stage door of a theater and get to work… both for rehearsal and performance.

It’s a bit different now than it was a dozen or so years ago when I started.

Then, my mind’s eye was filled with imaginings of what it could, or should be like. The goals I should reach. What I might become…

Now, I am finally just very happy in the doing of it. My ambition is to keep doing it. To experience the deepening and refining of it. To stay long enough in one spot, polishing it intently enough, that it takes on new dimension and sparkle. Not necessarily conquering new ground, but becoming very, very good friends with the ground I’m on. I never would have thought that, in and within itself, would feel so remarkably satisfying.

Professionally. Musically. Personally.

I am delighted to share my website with you! I hope you will find the information you are looking for – and maybe even some you didn’t know you were looking for.

All the basics are included – but I also feel compelled sometimes to share things that are of importance to me, whether it be in terms of what got me here, or what challenges me, or the things or people for which I am most grateful. Maybe not the average fare for a professional website, but nonetheless, part and parcel of what I do, and why. I try to keep my thoughts up to date on the “Flip Side”.

It has always been my aim to express through music the truth about things – about states of mind, be it emotional or intellectual, simple or complex. Each time I perform I have one wish, and that is to connect each person in the audience with something truthful – whatever that may be for them. So, it boils down to life, really. And, that necessitates being generous with all of it, not just what’s in the score.

I hope that the future will give me the opportunity to share not just information and thoughts with you, but great music as well!