Erika Sunnegårdh

The Making of an Album…

When the Malmö Symphony Orchestra offered me their orchestra’s time for free to do a recording, I knew I had been given a gift of tremendous trust, confidence and partnership. And I knew I had to govern this gift with my whole being… It is no small task to produce a large scale orchestral recording.  There is definitely a reason most solo-performers back off from managing this process.  There are simply SO many considerations, tasks, administrative and practical issues to solve and deal with.  But, on the upside, it is a complete joy to make the choices that reflect my own sensibilities creatively, inter-personally, and philosophically.

A creative life is not just about being hired and showing up ready to sing. It is also about fashioning your own path, your own experiences, exploring the values that form the foundation of your self-expression… and ultimately making a life that expresses all of who you are.

Being able to choose my own conductor, repertoire, design, booklet content… even being able to choose my dear friend Larry Mellman to create the most lovely poetic renderings of the text translations; … All this expresses a desire on my part to be fully responsible for the quality and intention of my work, to be the source and volition of my music-making.  It is a major headache… and a complete privilege!


English Subtitles