Erika Sunnegårdh

The KickStarter Project

“Remolding the philosophy of large scale classical recording into a perfect circle of collaboration between artists and music lovers.”

Join forces with Erika by supporting her Kickstarter Project –  Visit her Kickstarter Page here. Watch a video and read more about Erika’s thoughts about crowd sourcing, and check out the fabulous rewards for each level of participation – from $5 and up!

The project runs through November only! Please act today!

An invitation to help bring a gift of music home…

It is my firm conviction that we are at the cusp of changing the collective conversation around music funding – even in classical music. I believe it must happen if we are to continue producing musicians at the top levels, as well as distributing live and recorded music as it should be – to everyone!

In the old days (and still in many places) who determined what music and what musicians “made it” were individuals with great personal wealth. This was at the heart of early court music, and who hasn’t dreamed of having a personal benefactor?

However, the time has come for all of us to step up and take an active role in the economics of the arts, and one way to begin is through crowd sourcing.

Crowd sourcing is not charity. It is a reasonable exchange of art for money. It is not random, however. Entering into an exchange with a creative artist is very much an act of personal freedom, of expressing ones’ values, and of choosing artists whom to support and empower.

The reasons to engage with an individual artist could be many, however, the top two I can think of are:

  • you like the artist and their art
  • you support the philosophical stand that particular artist is taking and wish to advance the conversation that artist embodies.


Kickstarter offers a platform for a value-for-money exchange – at a level you choose.

Since Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” game, setting ones’ financial goal appropriately is important. I have set my goal high enough to make a significant dent in my costs, but low enough to have a chance at reaching my goal successfully. That said, if my goal were to be exceeded, the money will be used only to recuperate actual costs of this recording, and any potential excess would serve as a head start on the next project. (A girl can hope, can’t she?!)

Everyone who participated with me in this project has been paid. Maybe not as much as they are worth (!!!), but enough to make them show up and play with me! Lots of talent and skill is needed to make a large scale recording… Not to mention support and administrative expenses. It is no small venture, but it is one that employs people, as well as celebrates and expresses their talent and life work through arguably its’ most accessible form.

I have been asked hundreds of times by fans and friends alike, when will I have a CD they can buy??

Well, the answer is – NOW!!!

Since the Malmö Symphony Orchestra have donated their time, and I have poured my money, singing and time into this recording… I feel it is only fitting that the final goal of this project is to offer the entire album as a free digital download via my website – for those who want to try something new, or those who want music in their lives but who struggle to finance that desire.

But in the middle of that process I need you to step in and participate in whatever way that moves you – no amount is too small, but I encourage you to think big and spread the word…!

I don’t believe in forcing people to pay for music, but I do believe it is appropriate to ask them to….Classical music is not a profitable game, but apparently the music itself, against all odds, has lasting appeal – and supporting performing artists is our only way to ensure that it will continue to be played and sung at the high levels of skill and dedication that it demands.

So, if you suspect that you or your friends or family might enjoy this recording, or if you simply like the idea of crowd sourced classical music –  then I encourage you to participate with me… with gusto!

Also, acquiring your CD here insures that as much as possible of your money goes directly to covering the costs of actual music-making… And that is a thing of goodness!

Thank you!

I hope you will get many hours of enjoyment from this album.

It was made it with great love!